Showcasing Mom's Tamales Online!

You all know guys that mom is getting more serious on her Tamales business and in fact, we just got some additional orders from her new customers last week. For those who are not familiar with the dish, Tamales is actually originated from Mexico and is originally named as Tamal. Though my mom's tamales is a dish she inherit from our grandma. It is being cooked and served in a Filipino way too. We're very happy for her and for the success of her business. It is so nice to know that she now have something to do to keep herself busy than tiring herself up in doing the daily house chores. I think it is the right time for us to help her in managing this growing business. Since i am a blogger and i used to stay online almost everyday, i am thinking of making a website exclusively for her business. This is a great way to showcase not just her Tamales but also some of her special recipes. It is also a perfect opportunity to attract online customers. Almost all businesses today are being linked online and they are all targeting the online customers. Almost everyone now has computers at home and most transactions today are being done online. Creating an online business will be a big risk knowing that the competition in the web market is getting tougher everyday. But again, this is business and risk is a part of it.

Well, i'm sure mom can manage to attract many customers online knowing that Tamales is seldom introduced in the market today. Well, i'm sure there's affordable and cheap business web hosting for a beginner like us online. Any suggestion guys?


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