Our roofs can be made in different kind of materials. Others are using tiles, others are using iron sheets while others are making use of that Terra Cotta material. The reason why i know that Terra Cotta is a roof material is because that is the only material i can remember from my Civil Technology Subject way back in high school. Oh did i say i got a certificate of Recognition from that class? haha but now i feel so ashamed for not remembering my lectures.
Anyway, let go back to the roof thing... We are actually using G.I Sheets for our house(Galvanized Iron) which is probably the most typical type of roof here in our country. Well, obviously because these GI sheets are the cheapest of their kind. Oh and they are easy to install too. Just apply water proof paint and it can be as appealing as what other type of roofs are.
Here, you do not have to worry about the loose or missing shingles. You also have not to worry about cracks since sheets are made of metal. However, GI Sheets have many flaws too especially if it is being installed improperly. They are prone to roof leeks when the nails are being placed improperly. They become rusty easily too especially when the paint you applied is not high in quality. Installing a GI Sheets follows a pattern. One should be over another in orderly manner. So i suggest that you let the experts do the job like those well trusted Roofers Portland Service in Oregon. They know what to do and they can fix your roof in no time!


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