here are my top five showbiz oldies, they are classified as legends, they are respected with their fields and in the entertainment industry


German Moreno, also known as Kuya Germs or the Master Showman , is a Filipino television host, actor and comedian popular during the 1980s. He was born to Filipino father of Spanish descent and Filipino mother.

Moreno became involved in the entertainment industry working as a janitor and telonero (curtain raiser) of Clover Theater. He later went on to pursue a career as a comedian of the bodabil stage and the post-war screen. His biggest break came on television in the late '70s when he became host of the Sunday noontime variety show, GMA Supershow. He eventually became the host and producer of That's Entertainment, a youth-oriented variety show. Currently, he is hosting a late-night show entitled Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman.


Celia rodriguez was known for her kontra-bida role. She once played Valentina, the main villain and mortal enemy of Darna. She's currently woring with GMA and playing the role as the grandmother of nicole (played by Iza Calzado) in the primetime drama series and korean adaptation of All About Eve, she also played a role in an independent film by APT production entitled "Fuscia" together with other oldies like Eddie Garcia, Armida Sigeon Reyna, and Gloria Romero

Eddie Garcia popularly known as Manoy is one of the top Filipino film actors.He made his first movie, Siete Infantes de Lara in 1949.He is also known to play the part of Leandro Montemayor, the fictional Philippine President on the television drama series, "Kung Mawawala Ka" (If Ever You Were Gone), and gave him his first Best Actor in a Drama Series in the 2002 Star Awards.He also played a part as Lolo Carlos (Grandfather Carlos) in the Filipino-American film, The Debut, the Lolo Sinat (Grandfather Sinat) in the film, Deathrow, and even the villainous Judge Valderama in Kapag Puno Na Ang Salop (If the Ganta is Full) and its two sequels, opposite of Fernando Poe, Jr.He is the only person in the Philippines to be a Hall of Fame inductee of the FAMAS in three categories: Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Director.He is the only performer in Philippine movie history to win three consecutive FAMAS Awards: Best Supporting Actor Awards for Taga sa Bato (1957), Condenado (1958) and Tanikalang Apoy (1959),He is the most awarded and nominated person in the long history of the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) Awards. He garnered a total of 34 nominations (13 for Best Supporting Actor, 10 for Best Actor and 11 for Best Director). Out of these, he got 6 Best Supporting Actor wins, 5 Best Actor wins and 5 Best Director wins, 3 Hall of Fame Awards, 1 Lifetime Achievement Award and the Fernando Poe, Jr. Memorial Award. He was awarded his first FAMAS Award in 1957 and his last FAMAS, a Hall of Fame for Best Actor, in 2003.
Gloria Romero is a multi-awarded Filipino actress whose career spans for more than 50 years. Born to a hardworking Filipino, Pedro Galla, and an American woman Mary Borrego, she spent her grade school days in a quiet town of Mabini, Pangasinan. That's why she was known as a feisty Ilocana in Philippine show business, and widely identified as "Manang Biday", a figure from a famous Ilokano folk song.Romero was introduced to Philippine showbiz through her uncle, Nario Rosales, who was Chief Editor of Sampaguita Studios. She started out as an "extra" in Sampaguita Pictures. Her big break came when she was given a role as the daughter of real-life couple Cesar Ramirez and Alicia Vergel, in Madame X (1952), and producers introduced her with a new, more dramatic name, "Gloria Romero". Romero got her first lead role in Monghita (1952) opposite Oscar Moreno, that cemented her bankability. Since then, she had played against many leading men in movies that became blockbusters. Romero received her first major acting award in Filipino Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) as Best Actress for her role in Dalagang Ilocana (1954). She has been regarded as the "Queen of Philippine Movies". She made some 30 movies with her frequent screen partner, Luis Gonzales.On her later years, she appeared in long-running television sitcom Palibhasa Lalaki (1991); and had won awards as character actress, capping it with a Best Actress Award for her role in Tanging Yaman (2000). She had received individual Lifetime Achievement Award from Gawad Urian, FAP and the CineManila International Film Festival between 2001 and 2004.

He started as a struggling performer onstage during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. Dolphy made many comedy films, alongside fellow comedians, Pugo, Tugo, Babalu, Panchito, Ike Lozada and German Moreno. In 1966, as part of the comedy duo Dolphy and Panchito, he opened for the Beatles at Rizal Stadium in Manila. In 2001, Dolphy and his sons Eric and Jeffrey Quizon all won the Prix de la Meilleure Interpretation (the equivalent of a Best Actress Award) in Brussels, Belgium for playing Walterina Markova in the movie Markova: Comfort Gay.On July 23, 2008, Dolphy celebrated his 80th birthday, with launching of a book, Dolphy, Hindi Ko Ito Narating Mag-isa (Dolphy, I Didn't Get Here All By Myself), ABS-CBN President Charo Santos-Concio summed up his role as comedian: Nagbigay siya ng mga ngiti at halakhak sa gitna ng mga problema (He gave us joy and laughter in times of trouble). Bibeth Orteza was commissioned to complete the biography, amid the creation of "Dolphy Aid Para sa Pinoy Foundation, Inc.", a non-profit and non-stock organization


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