Summer is almost end but it's not too late to go out with your friends and hang out with them in one of your favorite summer destination. Just like here in my country, we have lots of wonderful sites to visit. White sand, blue beach and and clear water and no doubt Philippines is one of the world's best summer destination. Of course, we have to set up everything. There are important factors to consider before going out in a beach. Early Preparation plays an important role and bringing all necessary things will make your trip more enjoying. Here are the list of things that you have to bring when you're planning to go to a beach:
Well, i know most beaches have places where you can buy your own foods. Restaurants and canteens are scattered everywhere but is it more exciting if you will bring your own food for your group? Show up your specialty and share your recipe with your friends. You can also check out some cookbooks to help you out what kind of dishes will suits and perfect for summer. Beverages can be in any form too. Why dont you try some Hawaiian drinks or some other drinks that will surely refresh you up.
Dress up your swimwear and trunks and make yourself noticeable in the crowded beach. Go ahead and buy a swimwear in a mall or you can even shop online to look for the best swimwear that will fit your style. The colorful, the better. You can even try some Hawaiian or floral designed swimsuits and some hunky beach trunks.
Do not let your skin absorb the harmful rays from the sun. This may cause you to have a dry skin and other skin diseases. You have to be aware that too much exposing your self to sun can be very harmful for your skin and to protect yourself against this harmful rays you have to bring your sun protection to keep you safe. You can buy suntan lotion anywhere but you have to be aware in some imitation and some fake lotions. Fake lotions can also harm your skin especially if you have a sensitive skin. Its better to buy a product online or in some other reliable sources.
Of course, do not forgot to bring some souvenirs and you have to bring some extra cash for it just to make sure.
This will make you feel great this summer. Enjoy!


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