Responsible Driving

As a car owner, you are responsible to take care of your car by maintaining it on it's good condition. A responsible driver cannot just be measured on how disciplined he is on driving but also by how frequent he check his car condition. It doesn't matter if it's a brand new or a second hand car, what matters most is that all the parts of your car are in good condition. Every single parts of spare of your car has their own function and they should be checked in a regular basis.
The car engine for example, should be checked before you drive. All car owners should know what RRR stands for. It is Remove, repair, and replace. If you know how to operate or troubleshoot your car then you should follow these RRR processes in order to determine the exact issue of your car. You can also bring your car to a repair shop near you. Upgrade the engine if necessary for better performance.
The brake is one of the most important parts that should be checked regularly too. If you ignore that simple brake problem, it could get worst and can put you in danger. Remember that accident can happen in the most unexpected time and place. Brake can actually be your life saving tool.
Another important spare of your car would be the car headlights. They will serve as your guide whenever you hit the road at night. It can also give signal to the driver ahead of you. So if ever you decided to replace them, replace them with better brands. Same thing goes with the back lights.
Replacing or upgrading the parts of your car will not just make it more appealing but also will ensure your safety. Happy Driving everyone!


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