I Miss my Job!

I decided to give up my work as a call center one year ago because of too much stress that i getting from it. Working in a graveyard shift everyday is not an easy job! So because of some health related issues, i decided to file a immediate resignation letter to my supervisor. And now that i am fully recovered, for some weird reason, i am longing for that job again. It might be very stressing but the compensation is really satisfying there. Well, i might be facing irate customers over the phone almost everyday but i am ready to deal with them again. I miss some of my colleagues and i miss working on the production floor again. I remember that each agents should keep their Plantronics Headsets on their lockers while their on break or after their work or else, it will be confiscated by the supervisors and the agent will have no choice but to buy a new one haha. I remember my headset was confiscated already and i bought a new one to replace it. I even bought some cool Plantronics Accessories for it. We cannot work without the headset since that's the only way we can communicate with our costumers that's why our bosses implemented that "confiscation rules" to give us awareness. Anyway, i am scheduled for an interview this week in a call center company. i hope i can make it through the application process. After the interview, there will be another brain draining exam... sobs... wish me luck guys!


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